Monday, March 12, 2012

9 weeks

How far along are you? 9 weeks 4 days

Current cravings? Ugh. Nothing in particular. I guess if it sounds good I’ll eat it but a lot of things sound gross.

Food aversions? Lots of things.

Gender? I have no idea. I’d be super happy with either.

Any milestones? First ultrasound was last Thursday (when I was actually 9 weeks). It was so awesome to see our little bean wiggling around in there. Heart was beating strong at 167 bpm.

Other symptoms? Always sleepy, nausea, back pain is starting to kick in again already. Belly bloat in the evenings. My tummy below my belly button in starting to get fuller & it’s the same morning & night plus I can’t suck it in. Guess it’s the start of my real bump. It sure came faster this time. I remember my lower abdomen getting bigger around 11or 12 weeks last time.

Maternity clothes? I’ve worn maternity jeans a few times but still fit in my pre-pregnancy jeans. My work pants still button but I can tell their days are numbered. I need to get some maternity slacks soon.

Anything different between this pregnancy & last? Sleep is harder. I’m not necessarily uncomfortable but I keep tossing & turning. I don’t remember this last time.

What I miss? Not feeling gross every evening.

What I’m looking forward to? Getting completely unpacked & feeling the baby move.

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