Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I don't want to forget these moments

It was time for Connor to go to bed. I changed his diaper, put him in soft fleece jammies & brushed his teeth. He LOVES to have his teeth brushed. We went back to his room so he could nurse a little bit. He likes to play with my face & pulled my lip into a funny face. I decided to make another funny face which made him smile. Normally I wouldn't encourage laughter when I'm trying to get him down for the night but he was just too cute. We went back and forth, me making a face & him smiling. Pretty soon we were both cracking up & Garrett called up wondering what was going on. It was just one of those moments that makes all the sleep deprivation & frustrations all worth it.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

This post brought to you by my new MacBook Pro!! Thank you Garrett! Switching from a PC to a Mac will take some getting used to. Totally worth it though. This computer is awesome!

Garrett & I are getting ready for a busy week. We're moving next Saturday which we're super excited about. We'll be renting out our townhouse & renting a bigger house. Our townhouse was big enough when there were only 2 of us but not with 3 of us. Plus, our townhouse is just too far from work. The new house will be MUCH closer to work & is close to 2 1/2 times bigger! But, with moving comes, you guessed it, PACKING. Keeping a house in order w/ a very active little one is a struggle but packing an entire house up makes my head spin. Hopefully it won't be as difficult as I'm thinking it will be.

I'm really looking forward to a fresh start in a new house. I'm still working on my routines. I'm going to make a conscious effort to keep these routines in place. My new Dyson vacuum should help. Thanks Bill & Cheryl!!!

I also got a pair of Tom's shoes from Julia, tons of gift cards from my parents & a "in progress" Christmas tree skirt from my mom. I'll post pictures as it comes along. I got one section wrapped up today & it looks awesome. I can't wait to use it next Christmas.