Tuesday, March 6, 2012

5 weeks

These last few days have been stressful for us. We’re breaking a lease early because of several reasons (mostly the landlords have failed to keep the house safe) & this included us paying a huge lease break fee. We could’ve pushed to be let out of it for legal reasons but there would’ve been so much more drama & court dates & blah that we just wanted to get out. So, right before Christmas we’re paying a huge fee so the place can be listed. Then we have to wait & hope that the place would be rented to someone else so we wouldn’t have to pay another month’s rent. We received an email from our landlords yesterday saying that there had been NO applications put in. I promptly freaked out. Our tenants are moving out of our Everett house January 1st. I did NOT want to pay a mortgage & rent at the same time. Well thankfully Garrett got a call from the agent that has been showing the house & she said there have been 2 applications & there’s one more showing today. She thinks this showing today will be the last one because a lease will most likely be signed very soon. I was so happy. I just want to be done with this place. I’m still a smidge nervous because the lease hasn’t actually been signed but I’m feeling better. Now we just need to wait until payday. We’re still poor from paying the huge fee & switching health insurance & dental bills all in the same week. I can’t wait until January for things to be back to normal. I’m trying to stay as calm as possible for the baby’s sake but it’s been tricky.

How far along are you? 5 weeks + 1 day

Current cravings? Nothing really in the last few days. Ginger Ale has been good when my tummy is on the edge.

Food aversions? Nothing in particular but it is getting harder to find something that sounds good.

Gender? I’m guessing girl at this point but who knows.

Any milestones? Not that I can think of.

Other symptoms? Sleepy , bloated, sore boobies, some nausea, snotty, bad sleep. I got sick this week too so some of the symptoms could’ve been from being sick. This flu season has kicked my butt.

Maternity clothes? Not yet.

Anything different between this pregnancy & last? I haven’t come up with a nickname for the baby yet. We aren’t going to tell the name until our little one is born (did this w/ Connor too). I always knew the nickname for our first would be Frankly (long story). I made the decision that the next one would be an adverb as well. I’ll decide soon.

What I miss? Pepsi Max. That stuff is my kryptonite. It tastes like full calorie Pepsi but has 0 calories. Of course it has double the caffeine of regular Pepsi hence why I’m missing it.

What I’m looking forward to? Moving back to our Everett house (just a little over 3 weeks!!) & getting the kids’ room painted & put together. Yup, they’ll be sharing a room once little one isn’t waking up every 2 hours to eat. We’ll have the baby in our room for the first few months & then they’ll be together.

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