Tuesday, April 27, 2010


1. I'm late again but at least it's still Tuesday.

2. Baby Connor is sick again. Why do parents bring their sick children to play with other children?

3. Connor finally got too old for his pack n' play. He started trying to pull up on the sides & once he figures it out he would tumble right out. In the crib he goes.

4. I did 2 photo shoots on Sunday & had so much fun.

5. I started shooting in RAW format. It's lots to learn but there's SOOOOOO much more flexibility.

6. Garrett got a new shift. While it's not perfect, it's better. Tuesday-Friday graveyard.

7. I had the best curry on Sunday. YUM!

8. Julia is going to make baby hats for Connor when she's done with her sweater. She is turning into a knitting machine.

9. I think I'm the only person left who hasn't seen Avatar. Garrett really wants me to watch it.

10. Julia wants to steal my pillow & mattress.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ten Things Wednesday???

1. It doesn't have the same ring as TTT but.....I forgot about it yesterday. Sorry!!!

2. I made tacos last night using ground turkey breast. It's the only way we make them anymore. They're so nummy.

3. I'm taking pictures of a friend's sweet baby boy this weekend. I'm so excited.

4. I keep eating lunch too late in the day.

5. We're going to our friends' house for the evening. They have a baby boy just 3 months older than Connor.

6. Julia is knitting me mittens. She already knitted hers and they look awesome.

7. Work is crazy right now.

8. I need to pump.

9. Our computer system hasn't been working properly for the last 2 days. Makes it difficult to sell.

10. Connor can now crawl far enough that he gets into things. Time to do a major house clean/organize & get everything out of reach. How did this happen so quickly?? Just yesterday he was my tiny baby who couldn't even roll over.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Skagit Valley Tulips

On Sunday.....


And Meggie,

And Julia

And my Mommy

And baby Connor

Went to Skagit County and saw these...

The trip started out after church. Mom, Julia and Megan met me at my house. We loaded up the car & drove the 35 miles to Skagit county. We saw a sign that said to get off at exit 230 so we said, "okay." Everyone else was getting off at some other exit but we decided not to follow the crowds (not that we really knew what we were doing, we were just guessing). The first thing we see after we get off the exit is a Krispy Kreme. We stop (duh), get some doughnuts, and some compliments on how cute Connor is & head off to the Fred Meyer which is supposed to have info on the tulips. By this point it's getting pretty warm so we undress Connor into just his onesie (SO CUTE, who doesn't love little bare baby legs & feet???) We decide he needs a hat so his little head doesn't burn & I need some shorts (hello sweat). I hadn't worn shorts earlier because I desperately needed to shave my legs. At this point I decided I didn't care, I wasn't staying in those jeans for the rest of the day. After finding shorts & a hat we joked that maybe we should just go shopping (lower sales tax lol). We finally got back on track. Well we missed the traffic but drove around forever looking for the tulips. We finally found them though. I got tons of pictures but only had the energy to get these ready for viewing. More to come.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New puppy (NOT MINE!! that would be crazy)

Garrett's parents got a new puppy in (I want to say) February. Tia is a Tibetan Terrier & crazy as can be.

And I can't go to bed without some Connor love.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ten Things Tuesday

1. I finally had a physical today. Unfortunately I have to have a sleep study done. The doctor thinks I might have sleep apnea.

2. Connor is doing so good at crawling. He can scoot & pull himself forward several feet now. He hasn't figured out the whole hands and knees thing but he's getting there.

3. The room in our garage is coming along. Electrical is done except for one tiny thing. Now, we need to get it sheet rocked and painted. It'll be so nice to move all the office stuff down there.

4. I love the way Connor smells. I know I won't be saying this when he's 10 so I smell him as often as humanly possible.

5. Connor is trying to type his own TTT right now

6. I'm falling behind on my book list.

7. I've typed most of this with 1 hand because Connor wants to be held.

8. I play too much Chuzzle on my iPhone. I'm addicted.

9. Connor is getting SO much new hair.

10. I love the new song my Laura Bell Bundy "Giddy On Up." Go take a listen, it's very catchy. I'm also loving the new song by Jewell "Stay Here Forever."

Monday, April 12, 2010


Connor played in the grass for the first time; & mom shot in full sun for the first time. Obviously there's still some practice that needs to happen.

Taking a nap in Grandma's arms

Thursday, April 8, 2010

One picture for tonight

The picture isn't of my baby. Well..... it's not of my human baby. It's my kitty baby. I was itching to take some photos but my normal subject that I harass with my camera had gone to bed. I found a curled up kitty and said, "you'll do just fine." Meet Missy, also known as Moo Cat (or Moo Cow if you're my father).

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ten Things Tuesday

1. Garrett is sick.

2. Connor Wonnor is sick.

3. Julia is sick.

4. Mom is sick.

5. I wonder who's next....please don't be me.

6. Garrett and I used to sing "Connor Wonnor was a bull frog." to the music of "Jeremiah was a bull frog." We stopped doing it for whatever reason and then I remembered it the other day. It makes me laugh.


Meet my new friend. The Nikon SB-600. It makes photos like the one posted yesterday possible.

8. Connor slept from 11-7 last night without waking. I even went in and woke him up this morning (oh how I hate to wake a sleeping baby) to take him to my mom. I wonder how late he would've slept if I could've left him sleeping.

9. Time to freeze the pumped milk.

10. I never though I would paint my nails almost black. The color is called "dark room" and it's like a greenish black. I like it though. Unexpected.