Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Forced Upgrade

Hey guys. I stepped away for awhile. Too much was going on in my life & blogging was an easy thing to drop. A coworker of mine gave a great analogy about life’s “balls”. Everyone juggles balls. Some are glass & some are rubber. If you drop the rubber balls, they bounce back. If you drop the glass balls, they break. These last several months, my blog has been a rubber ball. My family has been a glass ball. Great analogy right?

This weekend started out like any regular weekend might start. My sister & I love to go to movies together. We had already seen Harry Potter 7.2 but we hadn’t seen it in Imax 3D. Hello, I’m there! It was awesome. Never watching regular 3D again. We got home around 10:15 that evening & I went to take my phone out of my purse. It’s not there. I dig & dig (because my purse is mostly a black hole although I usually keep my phone in one spot) but the phone is nowhere to be found. I check my car, no phone. At this point I know exactly where my phone is. I had heard a thump when picking up my purse at the end of the movie. I thought it was my keys hitting the outside of my purse. Nope, it was my phone falling out. I call the theater (within an hour of leaving the theater) & it’s gone.

The next morning I started the day off by going to get my emissions test done (on the last day before my license expires; story of my life. I’ve got to work on that). Surprisingly it took all of 20 seconds for them to do the test. Stuck a cord into my car & I passed. Sweet! No fussy toddler in the back seat for 30 minutes while I wait in line on a Saturday. I’m out of there! Then I stop by the DOL to get my license renewed. It’s inside the Fred Meyer so I bought Connor a new pair of tennis shoes while we were there. Whoever said buying clothes for boys isn’t fun was wrong. They may not be frilly but they’re still cute. Tiny Nikes? Yes please! Got the tabs renewed then went back to the movie theater to double check on my phone. Still not turned in. I gave him Garrett’s number to call if it’s turned in. It’s Tuesday as I’m writing this & I haven’t been contacted. It was an expensive phone. Some jerk hit the lottery that night. Julia had found a coupon to Black Angus. So we took our classy selves to Black Angus & used a coupon at a sit down restaurant. No shame in that.

When we got home I noticed that I’d received an email back from a guy on craigslist that had an iPhone for sale. He wanted to meet tonight. When your husband works nights & leaves you alone with a baby with no phone in the house (Julia was at a friend’s house) you kind of feel nervous. Not a single kind of working phone. What was I supposed to do if I had an emergency? Email 911 from my spotty wifi? I packed Connor up & we drove down to meet Mr. Craigslist & get ourselves a phone. You see I’ve been pining over an iPhone ever since I had to give mine up when we switched to Verizon. Garrett was mad at AT&T for how he’d been treated as an employee so he decided to take his business elsewhere once his employee phone line was taken away. When we switched to Verizon, they didn’t have iPhones yet so we had to go with droids. I know some people (my husband included) that love their droids. Me, not so much. I find the apps to be cheesy & the fact that they’re SO customizable stresses me out. I have enough decisions to make in a day. Customizing my phone is not one of them. I just want something that works well. The iPhone is just that. It just works. I am never, ever going back! So, we’ll call this weekend a blessing in disguise. For me that is. My husband is less than happy about having to fork over the money for a new phone. Thankfully I didn’t have to pay the full retail price of $650!!! The phone was used for about a month then Mr. Craigslist started working at Microsoft & they required that he use a Window’s phone. Practically brand new & I saved quite a bit of dough!