Sunday, August 22, 2010

Coming out of hiding

Sorry I’ve been missing in action for so long. I’m trying hard to prioritize what’s important in my life. I’ve been spending more time with Connor & trying my hardest to keep the house clean. There are only a few hours per day for me to get everything done.

6:30 Out of bed
6:45 Connor wakes up
7:30 Leave for work/drop baby off
8:05 Drop Connor off
8:30 Get to work
Work, work, work
5:00 Ahhhh, leave work (if I’m lucky to leave on time)
5:30 Pick Connor up (take a few minutes to chat w/ Mom about his day)
5:50-6: Leave for home
6:30 Get home
6:30-9 Play w/ Connor, make dinner, clean up etc. etc. etc.
Connor goes to bed
9-10:00 Try to get some other projects done now that Connor has gone to bed & can’t get into everything.
10-10:30 Crash

I know this is the same for every full time working mother but it’s tough (FOR ALL OF US). And, I’m in no way saying being a stay at home mom is easy. IT’S NOT! I did it for 2 months. But, I hope to do it again soon. Garrett & I are trying to make the finances work. We want to be financially stable (his student loan paid off & an emergency fund built) before I take the plunge.

Anyway………………………What I really want to talk about is how Connor is going to be a year old in LESS THAN A MONTH!!!!! How did this happen??? He’s changed so much from the squishy little newborn I brought home from the hospital.
Update on what he’s doing:
He WALKS!! Like really walks. He walks across entire rooms & maneuvers around & over things without falling over. He started walking a little before he reached 10 ½ months but it was just a few steps then. He’s been full on walking for about 2 weeks now.
Still crawls some but definitely prefers to walk.
Says momma (Garrett argues whether he knows what he’s saying or not, but I think he does) & dada.
Opens drawers (thank goodness Garrett’s been putting baby proofing up)
Crawls up & DOWN stairs.
Climbs off of the couch properly.
Has 5 teeth & is working on a sixth.
Wears size 3 diapers
Wears 6-9 month clothes
He is still a little peanut. According to my bathroom scale he’s 19 pounds.
He has the sweetest smile & loves to laugh. He throws the occasional temper tantrum but is overall a happy boy.