Monday, August 24, 2009

Not sure what to title this...Maybe weekend recap, etc.

Saturday: My mom came over and helped us clean, clean, clean. We got a lot done. Then Garrett and I went to a worship team get together. It was nice to sit and chat with others from church. We got home and watched War of the Worlds. It's such a strange movie.

Sunday: We took it easy during the morning. Then took off to his softball games. FYI-do NOT sit on bleachers if you're near full term pregnant. They were not made for regular bodies, let alone pregnant ones. I was so uncomfortable by the end of the 2nd game (why are they always double headers?). Then we took off to my parents (we were celebrating Garrett's birthday that day). We had sweet & sour chicken w/ tempura zuchini and green beans (everyone in my family has this for their birthday dinner). It was so good and we thoroughly stuffed ourselves. Then it was getting late so we knew we needed to do birthday cake even though we weren't hungry. By the time we were done w/ cake we had all sworn off eating for the rest of our lives. We were dead stuffed. Never again! We headed home and Garrett helped me with my hypnosis and then I fell asleep.

Etc.: Tomorrow is my last hypnobabies class. After that it'll just be up to me to practice as much as possible before Baby Frankly (dont' worry, you'll know his real name soon) comes. I got some good practice in when I had a migraine last Thursday.

It's really crunch time for me at work. I need to get everything cleaned up and assigned to others before I have to leave. Guess I better get to that.

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creative side said...

It has been so fun to see you become a woman and now you're ready to be a mother. When that day arrives your life will have such amazing added joy...and lack of sleep. Rest up now.