Monday, August 10, 2009

Items checked off my to-do-list

Friday I ordered our diapers & today we ordered our carseat/stroller. I'm so glad to have those items taken care of.

We had a good time at Great Wolf Lodge. The wave pool (where I spent most of my time) was very fun and relaxing. I did go on a few of the milder water slides which were fun too. Sometime I'll have to go back and go down the bigger slides. It was nice to never have to worry about being cold or getting sun burnt since it was all in doors.

We saw the movie "Julie & Julia" on Friday night. It was great fun. Go see it.

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creative side said...

It is great that everything is getting checked off the list. Aimee found a bouncy seat to be extremely valuable and found hers on Craigslist for $3.00. They are often free, as well.