Monday, August 31, 2009

I have a "love/hate" relationship w/ this whole "full term" business

The knowledge that I'm "full term" and could have this baby any day drives me crazy. I could be pregnant for almost 4 more weeks (if I go late) or I could have the baby tonight (please?!). I know, I know, I just need to tell myself that he'll come when he's ready (& I know that) but it's so hard when I just want him here now. Maybe he's waiting until my ENTIRE house is clean (instead of just parts of it). If that's the case, I'll finish tonight!


creative side said...

I think it is mean of your doc to tell you that you're full term. It is bad enough waiting till due date, but to have someone make you think it could be any day is just downright mean. I mean...this must be a male doc or they would know better. My support is there. Please don't have your baby while I'm away. Okay, that's the way to think...can't have it until I'm back. No worries, he won't even be due till after I'm back.

Mrs. B said...

It wasn't my doctor that told me that. It's just out there in all the pregnancy literature that 37 weeks is "full term." I had an appointment on Wednesday and he doesn't think I'll be terribly early (if any).