Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ten Things Tuesday

Another Tuesday is here. The weeks are going by so quickly

1. I can't stop sneezing today.

2. The doctor confirmed that the baby has dropped so I know where all this pelvic pain is coming from.
3. I didn't have any caffeine this morning. We'll see how I do.

4. Yay. We got our diapers in the mail yesterday. I started prepping them last night. Three or four more cycles of hot wash should do it.

5. I think I've started nesting some. I was flying around the house last night organizing everything in sight & Garrett just kept telling me to go to bed. I wasn't tired yet.

6. I can't wait to wear my normal, cute clothes again. Oh, and my pretty heels.

7. We're watching hypnobirthing videos in class tonight. It'll be interesting to see the hypnosis at work during a birth.
8. So far this is the 2nd hottest summer in Seattle history. 2nd only to a summer in 1958 when we had 9 days over 90 degrees. We've had 6 days so far this year (with the hottest day on record thrown in there for good measure) with a possible day #7 tomorrow. Anyway, it'll be an interesting story to tell our little one that I was pregnant with him during a summer like this.

9. I'm down to weekly OB appointments now. Can't believe it's the last month. Frankly is due in exactly 1 month.

10. Here is the tree my mom, sister and I painted in the nursery. We free handed it & it ended up being a lot easier than we though. Plus (if I do say so myself) it turned out really cool.

We also refinished an old white dresser. It had ugly brass drawer pulls on it & an extra piece on top that we removed. My dad added new panels, painted it & added new drawer pulls. It'll make a nice dresser/changing table.

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