Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ten Things Tuesday

I've seen this on a few blogs/message boards. Thought I'd try it out. Ten random thoughts each Tuesday...

1. I totally forgot about a breast feeding class I wanted to go to yesterday. It was free too :(

2. Garrett & I set up the bassinet last night. At 3:30 AM we awake to a "bump bump" sound. Missy had hopped into it and was making it swing into the wall. I think that'll be the last time she jumps in it. It freaked her out.

3. Garrett's friend Ryan finally came and got his junk out of our garage last night.

4. I need to get my toes repainted. The chlorine at the water park did a number on the polish.

5. Speaking of said water park, I wore a bikini at 8 months pregnant this weekend. Brave much?

6. We have our 4th hypnobabies class tonight. Garrett has been so much more supportive and has tried so much harder than I ever thought he would.

7. I NEED to finish my quilt I'm making. How am I so good at procrastinating? Who taught me this skill?

8. I have a friend who just found out she's pregnant. She's due in early April she thinks so our kids will be in the same grade.

9. I'm really hoping my kitty doesn't feel too left out once the baby comes. Right now she's the cuddle baby.

10. I suppose I'll explain why the baby's nickname is Frankly. My mom uses the term "frankly" A LOT. "Frankly......." So, many years ago, I told my mom that my first born son would be named Frankly, and it's stuck.

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creative side said...

I did this on my blog and plan to continue. Thanks for the idea.