Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ten Things Tuesday

1. Wow this is late.

2. I had a 4 hour meeting this morning. SO MUCH INFO! My brain hurts.

3. Garrett has tonight off, another night together with Con-boy!

4. Oh boy, that meeting threw off my whole day.

5. I have to recreate that meeting tomorrow for people that missed today's. Hope I can teach it as well as our underwriter did.

6. What's for dinner?

7. I did my nails last night. It feels nice to take a minute and "prettify" myself. It's Sephora brand which happens to go on really nicely.

8. It's "Peeps" season. I know as an adult I'm supposed to despise the fluffy creatures but I don't. They are best though if they sit out for a few days and "stiffen." I know, gross, right?

9. I want someone to have a brand new squishy baby so I can take some pictures. Anyone? Ooooh, I just thought of someone who's pregnant. Yay, I'll email her tonight.

10. Our tax return should be in our account on Thursday. Then it's goodbye debt & hello camera stuff. Not too much, just a few things.

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creative side said...

There is something about Peeps that always makes me know that Easter is here. I wonder what Jesus would think of that. I think it is because the marshmallow tastes good. I couldn't eat a cross shaped Peeps, or a cat shaped one or a parrot shaped one, but chicks are just fine.