Friday, March 5, 2010

My life as a "single mother"

I'll try to not make this seem whiney. We'll see if I'm successful.I guess I'll start with an overview of our new schedule.

Monday: Garrett comes home from work at 6:30ish. I'm awake by then & I get ready for work. Garrett will usually get Connor ready. I take the baby to my parent's house & my mom watches him for the day. I work until 5 and then pick baby up and head home. Garrett wakes up between 5 & 6. We spend the evening together. I'm in bed by 11. Garrett gets C when he needs to eat & will bring him to me & then put him back in bed when he's done.

Tuesday: Garrett has gone to bed around 4 AM (i.e. Satan's hour IMO) so I get myself & baby ready by myself & take him to my parent's house. I go to work. Garrett wakes up at 12:30 & goes to pick baby up from my mom. I work until 5 & then head home. Spend evening together. Go to bed, Garrett brings C to me when he needs to eat.

Wednesday: Repeat of Tuesday

Thursday: Wake up and get myself & Connor ready. Drop C off with my mom, go to work. Garrett picks C up around 1:00. I work until 5 & run home so I can make sure I'm there before Garrett has to run off to work. Connor & I play together for awhile & then get him ready for bed. I go to bed around 11. Connor usually wakes up at 1 & 4:30. I go to feed him & he usually falls right back to sleep.

Friday: C usually wakes up at 6:30 (right when Garrett is getting home). Garrett gets Connor ready while I get ready for work. I head off to my mom's w/ C. After work I usually hang out with my parents for the evening. Sometimes my mom and I go shopping w/ Julia & sometimes I just hang out at their house for the evening. C and I head home, play for awhile & then do our little bed time routine (bath (not every night), diaper change & play time, night time lotion w/ song, pajamas then a bottle or boob, rock to sleep).

Saturday: Garrett gets home around 6:30. He plays with Connor when he wakes up, I sleep in a little. Garrett usually tries to go to bed by 9:30/10. I usually play with Connor until he gets tired. Then he takes his morning nap & I get ready (while trying to be quiet so I don't wake up Garrett). I usually don't care to be by myself all day so I go to my parents for part of the day. We shop or just hang out at home. We go home, play for awhile & then go to bed.*note: I do feed him. There's just no rhyme or reason to when he eats. He eats sporadically throughout the day, when he's hungry.

Sunday: Garrett comes home. I usually wake up around 7:30. While adjusting to this schedule we've gone to church probably 2/4 of the weeks. I've gone to my parent's church once too. Then we come home, Garrett goes to bed & I spend time with Connor. Sometimes I go shopping to get out of the house so Garrett can sleep. He wakes up at 6:15 & heads off to work.

OK, now that you've seen the schedule I'll explain what exactly is taking it's toll on me (here's where I'll probably get whiney.)We do spend the evening together Monday through Wednesday which is nice but that's the most we see each other all week. I'm pooped when I get home & am not in the mood to clean. On Saturday & Sunday I have the motivation to clean but am responsible for the baby who only likes to be happy by himself for maybe 15-20 minutes at a time, maybe. Plus, we have to be quiet so we don't wake the sleeping bear. We used to spend all day Saturday & Sunday together. Now we don't ever spend longer than 4ish hours together. Thursday evening through Sunday morning, we see each other for just a few minutes at a time. We used to put the baby down for bed together, now it's all on me. Our house is always a pit because neither of us can watch the baby & clean at the same time. Blah, I just don't like it.I just hope it changes soon.

I know, I know, look at the bright side. There are a few advantages. I do like the help getting him ready a few mornings per week & I do like spending a little extra time with him Monday-Wednesday evenings & he does make a little extra money for having such a Sh****y shift. I think the advantages end there.

Blah again.

This boy has never had a normal 9-5 shift. I've had the same shift since I was 18 years old. Why can't he have a job with a normal shift?

Ok, rant over.


creative side said...

Oh sweetie, you needed to rant. That is a horrible way to live married life with a baby. Somebody out there wants Garrett to work for them in a normal hours job. I'm praying for him to meet that someone. Maybe the company will just make an adjustment and say Garrett's schedule was set up wrong. Wouldn't that be nice.

Brandi said...

At least you miss him when he is gone:) It's rough but things will get easier as your babe gets older...promise!