Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Picture 20 & 4 month checkup news

Connor turned 4 months old yesterday & had his well baby checkup today. I remember being at his 2 month appointment like it was yesterday, thinking 4 months sounded years away. He now weighs 14lb 10oz (50th %tile), is 26.25 inches long (90th %tile). His head is in the 85th %tile. Still long and skinny. He had shots again but this time I didn't hear a peep. He hardly realized that he'd just been stuck w/ a needle. We're holding off on solids for now. He's growing just fine & he's not really showing any signs of being ready.

Here he is smiling, waiting for the doctor to come in. He's always such a happy baby at the doctors. He's trying to make me look crazy when I tell them he's generally pretty fussy.


Garrett said...

Here ya can see that his right eye closes when he were finally able to capture that. cool.

creative side said...

I remember the kids turning things around at the doctor's office too. My daughter (I'll save her from name calling) would have a 104 degree temperature and once we got to the doctor's she would be dancing around the room. I'm sure pediatricians understand this concept.

The word verification is dabixing. That sounds like a good thing to call this.