Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pictures 11-14

Ok, it's a lot of work getting a picture up everyday when you work full time & have a baby.

The 11th I took like 3 pictures & they're all lame but...

Here is my coffee cup at work on day 12

Here is Missy trying to get into the box on day 13.

And lastly, here is my super cute baby on day 14.


Lexi said...

I loved reading your blog and catching up on everything. My favorite picture is Picture 9 where he is disapproving of the chef's skills. Hilarious face. And you dress him SO cute.

PS That State Farm onesie is HUGE and it's made for a baby that is really short and really fat. Seriously whoever thought up the design didn't know what babies bodies were like. It doesn't really even fit Parker that well.

Mrs. B said...

Thanks! He stays in lots of PJ's and cute hats (not much hair). I love reading your blog as well. You have such a way with words.