Tuesday, January 12, 2010


1. I have sixty-something items on my 101 list. I'm making progress. Maybe by the beginning of next week I'll have it up.

2. I learned about a new website called freerice.com. You play a vocab game and for every word you get right they donate 10 grains of rice. I checked it out on snopes and it's legit. They've already donated billions and billions of grains of rice through the UN World Food Programme.

3. Connor is getting easier and easier & so much more fun. They say going back to work gets easier with each day. I think they're wrong. I fall more in love with him each day making it that much harder to leave him for 9 hours a day.

4. I am in my new office at work with my new desk. Me likey.

5. Connor has his 4 month checkup next Tuesday. I'm so anxious to know how much he weighs and how tall he is.

6. We had another night of sleep success. Connor was down again around 10:30 & slept in his crib until 3:30. FIVE HOURS!!! Nursed him back to sleep, put him back in his crib and he slept until 6:30 when my alarm went off (stupid alarm). He went back to sleep & stayed asleep at least till I left. He stayed with Garrett this morning so I'm not sure yet how long he stayed asleep. I didn't wake up as many times to check on him last night. Just once around midnight then not until he woke up at 3:30.

7. Time to pump milk for the baby. I'll be back...

8. Ok, I'm back....I'm hoping to take some really good natural light photos this weekend. It's hard to take flash free pictures when you leave for work when it's dark and leave for home when it's dark. Bring on spring please.

9. I just bought new socks a few months ago. Where did they go???

10. Connor has a chiropractor appointment today. We're hoping to be able to go down to every 2 weeks after this appointment.

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