Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ten Things Tuesday

1. Connor is a terrible sleeper. We have a few good days then it's back to terrible. Good thing he's so cute.

2. I have about 80 items on my 101 list. Almost done.

3. I'm drawing a blank. My brain isn't working today.

4. My co-worker Brooke asked me to take pictures for Tolo. Should be fun. I'm excited to get as much practice as possible.

5. I'm behind on posting pictures. Hopefully I'll get caught up tonight.

6. This is Garrett's last week working a normal-ish shift. Maybe he'll hear back from the other job soon.

7. It might be time for a Pepsi.

8. Apple Sauce with Cinnamon is my new best friend. It tastes like the inside of an apple pie but it's much healthier.

9. My parents got a new fire place, couch and area rug. They look very nice & make me want to rip the carpet out of my house & buy new things.

10. I brought my lunch to work. Be proud of me :)

1 comment:

creative side said...

Wow, you are really serious about the last five pounds thing. Good for you. I am proud of you.