Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ten Things Tuesday

1. Julia got some pictures taken today by the gal that did Connor's newborn photos. We love Lisa!

2. Connor is getting so big.

3. I am wearing my wedding rings again!

4. Missy is playing with baby socks. She loved adult socks before baby socks came into the house. Now she can't get enough of the baby socks. They're the perfect size for her to fling in the air.

5. Please, please, please sleep well tonight Connor.

6. I found a camera I want but have to wait until we can afford it. Maybe after Christmas or tax return this winter. Boo! I want it now :(

7. I love my iPhone. How was it we lived without cell phones just a few years ago and now they're attached to our hands 24/7?

8. Paramore's new CD is awesome. There's not one song on the CD I don't like.

9. Our swing is dying. It was a garage sale find so at least we didn't spend anything on it (picked up by Garrett's grandma). We tried changing the batteries but that didn't work :( We might have to buy a new one soon. It's one of the only places he'll nap that isn't in my arms.

10. I found a sound machine for $10 today (originally $40). Maybe it will help Connor stay asleep.

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