Thursday, November 19, 2009

Shots, yes. Short, NO!

Today Connor had his 2 month well baby check up. I can't believe how fast this is flying by. We answered all the normal's he sleeping, blah, blah, blah. He weighed in a 12lb 1 oz (55-60th %tile) and his length measured 24 3/4 inches (97th %tile !!!). Long and skinny he most certainly is. No wonder he doesn't fit properly into any clothes. If it's long enough, it's baggy around the middle. Head circumference was 80th %tile. He got his first set of shots. Of course he hated that. He screamed for a few minutes (complete w/ tiny baby tears running down his cheeks) and then was fine. He took a long nap this afternoon (giving me a chance to nap since I'll be up until all hours of the night watching New Moon!!!!!). He woke up crabby a little bit ago (of course right when I get a phone call). He ate for awhile and now is back asleep on my lap. I love when he sleeps on me. He always looks so sweet. Daddy will be all alone w/ him this evening while I'm off at the movies so hopefully this afternoon's events won't wreak havoc on Garrett once I leave.

So excited for the movie. We're seeing a double feature...Twilight then New Moon.

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creative side said...

Isn't it odd to compare the last two month's time with the previous two month's time? End of pregnancy goes so slow and then the baby is here and pretty soon you are seeing them off to school - or college. I'm always amazed.