Saturday, October 31, 2009

A baby survey

1. Were you married at the time? Yes.

2. What was your reaction when you found out you were pregnant? Excited and scared.

3. How old were you? 21

4. How did you find out you were pregnant? I had a feeling I was so I took a test. It was positive. The rest is history.

5. Who did you tell first? I told Garrett first. Then we told his parents the next day. We were going out to a bar for Cheryl's birthday and they would've wondered why I wasn't drinking.

6. Did you want to find out the sex? Yes. There was no way we could wait. I loved knowing it was a little boy.

7. Due date? September 18th 2009

8. Did you deliver early or late? My water broke on my due date. I labored all day and had him the day after my due date at 5:26 in the morning.

9. Did you have morning sickness? I had a little bit of nausea in my first trimester but never threw up. I was lucky.

10. What did you crave? Spaghetti, and baked potatoes. Not together. Also, maple brown sugar mini wheats.

11. What irritated you the most? People touching my belly without asking.

12. What was your first child’s sex? Boy

13. How many pounds did you gain throughout the pregnancy? 35 pounds. 6 to go.

14. Did you have any complications during your pregnancy? None

15. Where did you give birth? Providence

16. How many hours were you in labor? 24 hours from when my water broke. 15 hours from when they started my contractions with pitocin.

17. Who drove you to the hospital?
Garrett, although I could've totally driven myself. No contractions yet.

18 . Did you take medicine to ease the pain? Yes, after 8 hours on pitocin and only being 3 cm I asked for the epidural. I'd been having contractions every 2 to 3 minutes for 6 hours. Not much break inbetween.

19 . How much did your child weigh? 8lbs 5oz

20 . What did you name him/her? Connor William

21 . How old is your first born today? 6 weeks! I can't believe how fast he's growing.

22. Who does your child look like? For the most part he looks like me. He has Garrett's long toes and his lips though.

23. Did you get mad at your husband during labor? Only when he wanted to go get lunch with his mom. I wanted him to stay with me. Other than that I didn't get mad.

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