Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ten Things Tuesday (I'm a dingbat)

I've been posting all morning, not realizing it's Tuesday. Hence the dingbat comment.

1. It's so cold in the office this morning. Thank goodness for my space heater.

2. Garrett sings cute songs to Connor. He doesn't know the words to any of these songs so he makes up words that go with the situation. "Go to sleep grouchy baby" etc.

3. I've had leg cramps since yesterday. I think it's time to find some extra potassium and see if that helps.

4. I'm hungry.

5. We're short staffed today. Boo.

6. I went to bed with wet hair last night and woke up with perfect curls. Usually when I do that, it looks like a just slept with wet curls. Not flattering. But today I lucked out.

7. Time to pump :(

8. I haven't bought any Christmas presents yet. I get paid a bonus on the 15th so I think we'll start then. 10 days for all our shopping is enough right?

9. It's my birthday on Sunday. Sweet and Sour Chicken and birthday cake. Weight Watchers free day I think for my birthday :) I'll be good the rest of the week though.

10. I always have trouble with #10.


creative side said...

For #10 you can look around the room and post the first thing that comes to your view - dust bunnies anyone. I sing songs like that to Sam too. Some of them turn into life time songs.

Aimee B. said...

You can also try calcium for leg cramps. It helps John and me.

I love making up songs to sing to Sam. I tired to make one up tonight while reading a Sandra Boynton book. I love her books because they are so fun to read!