Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I buttoned them....and they fit!!!

I just put on a pair of pre-pregnancy work pants this morning. After looking at the mirror and thinking, "hmmm, my stomach is looking pretty good." And....they fit. Two weeks ago I had to wear them w/ a rubber band. Last Thursday I decided that I'd stopped losing weight by just living and needed to do something to drop the last few pregnancy pounds plus the 20ish pounds I just didn't want. I decided to join weight watchers online. I haven't done a weekly weigh in (they suggest only weighing yourself once a week because of water weight fluctuation discouraging you) but the proof seems to be in the pudding (or pants). I'll have to update on the poundage drop Thursday morning.

Side note: Please pray for my coworker who was just handed a diagnosis of probably enphysema. She's been going to the doctors since last February trying to figure out her ongoing cough, was admitted to the hospital yesterday w/ a very difficult time breathing and given this news. She's a very active person so this is a real hit to her emotionally.

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