Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ten Things Tuesday

1. I need to start posting on other days besides Tuesdays. At least Tuesdays keep me active.

2. I got new clothes this weekend. I finally have a pair of jeans I feel good in and a few new sweaters that are rather pretty.

3. I like being able to build a new wardrobe. There were clothes in my closet that didn't really fit my personality anymore but I wore them because it's all I had. I can now slowly add in things I like.

4. I kicked a box out of the way this morning and knicked my toe on it. I didn't think much of it cause it didn't hurt much......until I was walking downstairs. It started really hurting so I took my sock off and noticed my toe was bleeding. I had sliced it pretty good.

5. I'm attempting to work a full day today. Yikes.

6. Garrett's car died for a little this week but he got it fixed. It was really scary to drive it while it was sick with (what Garrett decided was) the swine flu.

7. Connor has been extra wiggly the last few nights and eating every 2ish hours. I'm thinking it might be a growth spurt. I hope!

8. We stood Connor up next to our friend's son John (who is 3 months older than Connor) and they were exactly the same hight. We have a tall baby.

9. I really want to go back to Teatro ZinZanni's. It was so much fun but at $135/ticket (for the cheap section) it's a luxury that will have to wait :(

10. I'm hungry. Lunch isn't for another hour or 2. Guess I'll eat the satsumas that Karyn gave me.

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