Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ten Things Tuesday

1. Connor slept for a 4 hour stretch last night!!!! Of course it didn't start until 3AM but I'll take what I can get.

2. I don't know what I'd do without my Moby Wrap. It's the only thing that will settle him when he's super fussy.

3. I woke up this morning to Garrett clicking his camera at me. I guess Connor and I were both sleeping and he was holding onto my nose. It made Garrett laugh.

4. Regarding #3, Yes, we co-sleep. It's how everyone is happiest. I can respond to him before he starts to cry & he actually sleeps. He hates to be alone. Plus, I get lots of snuggle time.

5. I'm really wanting Starbucks today but haven't left the house. If only I could get Garrett to bring me one home but he would say no :(

6. Connor was 1 month old yesterday. This last month is just a haze of days blending together. I've never been so tired or happy in my life.

7. The Barefoot Contessa is making cookies that look yummy. I don't have all the ingredients though. Guess I'll make them a different day.

8. I'm going to start a load of laundry when I'm done with this.

9. Breastfeeding has been a challenge (I have an oversupply that chokes him sometimes) but we're sticking to it. I'm not giving up yet. When we get it right its really special.

10. Flash Forward is this seasons best new show! According to me of course.

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creative side said...

Such a darling Mom and son photo. Isn't it funny how the last four weeks of pregnancy drag by and then all of a sudden your baby is a month old!