Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ten Things Tuesday

I've skipped a few weeks of TTT but I think you'll forgive me since I have a newborn at home and was in bed recovering from my headache for the 1st week I was home.

1. Connor is sleeping on my lap.

2. I haven't had any caffeine yet today. I'll need to change that soon.

3. Connor already has a little cold. Garrett tried to stay away from him while he was sick but Connor still got it.

4. What is sleep?

5. I love being mom.

6. Only 10 pounds to go until I'm at pre-pregnancy weight!

7. I'm hoping my wedding ring starts to fit soon. It almost does.

8. I can fit into all my pre-pregnancy shirts. I was running out of shirts there at the end but now it's like having a whole new closet. (Not that I always make it out of my PJ's)

9. Garrett and I caught up on all the seasons of Dexter and now we have to wait for each new one every week. We liked being able to just watch the next episode when there was a cliff hanger, now we have to wait.

10. Time to get Connor into his car seat so we can got to my mom's.

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