Tuesday, May 15, 2012

27 weeks, & more house info!

We closed on our house last week 5/11/2012. It’s such an amazing feeling to be done! It feels a little surreal that we can actually come & go from the house whenever we want. We’ve been busy getting it ready to move in. Sealing grout & tile, painting, lots of trips to Home Depot & Lowes. Our garage door opener is being installed tomorrow afternoon. We have a few more areas to paint & then we’ll be ready to start moving things in. We do have a few pieces of furniture & a washer/dryer that needs to be bought too.
How far along are you? 27 weeks + 2 days.

Current cravings? Nothing in particular

Belly button in or out? Depending on baby’s position it’s an outie but most of the time it’s still really shallow.

Gender? Boy!

Any milestones?  3rd trimester! How am I already 2/3 of the way done??

Other symptoms? I’ve popped again. I remember thinking at 18 weeks I had popped & yet I popped again last week. I went from “that girl is probably pregnant” to “that girl is DEFINITELY pregnant”.   

Anything different between this pregnancy & last?  My back is hurting so much more this time. Boo.

What I miss? My kitty. We’ll have her back soon.  

What I’m looking forward to? Now that we’ve closed (yay!!), I’m looking forward to getting into the house; but also being done w/ work. I can’t wait. It’s so hard to focus on work when the weather is nice, my back hurts & there’s a house to put together. Let the nesting begin!

Working on any projects? Right now we’re working on getting the house painted (don’t worry, there’s plenty of ventilation & we’re using low VOC paint.) We’re also working on re-doing a bed for Connor. My mom found a metal bunk bed at a garage sale for $100. It has a few chips & scuffs but we’re sanding it down & will spray paint it a “titanium silver” by Rustoleum color. I’m planning on having a lose theme of vehicles (cars, trains, boats, planes, submarines, etc.) in Connors room & I think the industrial look of the bed will play right in. I also have a few other pieces that I’ve picked up from craigslist or garage sales that I’m refinishing. They’ll have to wait a bit as they’re not essential to functioning in our new place. We want to move into the new house w/ a new bed for Connor. Everything new at once. Hopefully it’ll work.

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