Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ten Things Tuesday (I'm alive)

1. It’s been awhile since I’ve done this.

2. Someone brought in WAY too much Halloween candy into the office. The butterfingers keep calling to me.

3. Garrett & I have set an end date for my job. As of July 1st 2012 I’ll be a stay at home Mommy.

4. I have finished 2 quilts in the last several weeks. A post documenting said quilts will be up shortly.

5. I need to order new checks. Mine (which are packed somewhere…where are they???) still have my maiden name & parent’s address on them.

6. Connor is 2!!!!

7. I made pot roast in the slow cooker on Sunday. It was delicious! I think I’ll need to make this more often.

8. It’s October! I love the fall. October through the end of December is my favorite time of year. Cooler weather & holidays make me a happy girl.

9. Connor picked out 2 pumpkins this year. Such a big boy.

10. Halloween is coming!! I can’t decide what we’ll dress Connor up as. Last year he was a frog prince & was so so so cute. I want to top last year’s costume.

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creative side said...

It is nice to hear about your life again. I missed you.