Monday, October 10, 2011

Scenes from this weekend

• Buffalo chicken sandwiches on Friday night. So good & so easy.

• I stuck a pot roast in the slow cooker Saturday morning. Yummy.

• Connor & I stayed in our pajamas until WAY late on Saturday. & then we took a nap!

• Even though I felt a little disheveled I had to get out of the house for a minute. Connor & I went down to Top Foods & picked out some very large pumpkins. I think I brought home 60ish pounds of pumpkin. We’ll probably carve them this coming weekend or the next.

• Garrett woke up at 7 (he works graveyard) & we had the delicious pot roast that had been cooking all day. I put extra carrots in this time. I love roast carrots. Yes, that’s a dorky thing to love. Deal. & Garrett doesn’t like cooked carrots so, more for me!

• We hung out & played with Connor for the rest of the evening. Out of the blue he brings us his potty chair & asks to sit on it. We take his diaper off & he sits down & goes potty for the FIRST TIME! I was so proud of him.

• After the boy went to bed, Garrett & I enjoyed the first hot tub of the fall. We haven’t used it since it started to get warm earlier this spring. It was nice to relax & enjoy uninterrupted conversation.

• Sunday started with a shower & some Eggos. Then a trip to the fabric store. On the way to the fabric store we stopped at Starbucks. A pumpkin spice latte for me & a kid’s vanilla steamed milk for my boy. I stuck a straw in that puppy & he had it chugged in about a minute flat.

• Once the Starbucks was drained we got onto shopping. I had a coupon to use at JoAnn’s & there was a great sale going on. I guess they were celebrating Columbus accidentally finding North America. I found 100% cotton batting at $5.99/yard (90” width). With my 20% off coupon that made the batting $4.80/yard, down from the normal price of $13.99! I also got the backing fabric which was on sale for $2.99/yard. The coupon was 20% off everything, even sale items!

• I found a pattern that I really liked for my Christmas quilt. I decided to forgo the subway tile idea for now. For whatever reason writing the pattern was stressing me out. I’m just going to follow this pattern & enjoy the pretty fabric stress free.

• On the way home I knew Connor was tired. I had to keep saying, “STAY AWAKE!” Which he always thinks is funny. I got him home, got a tuna sandwich in him, watched a few minutes of “Toys” (Toy Story) & then put him down for a nap.

• I picked the specific fat quarters I would be using. I need 20 out of my 32. Then I ironed them flat. Then Garrett woke up & we watched some House Hunters International.

• We got Connor up from his nap, made dinner & headed out to Home Depot. I’ve wanted to redo an armoire we inherited. It is a dark cherry color that has several scratches & outdated hardware. I want to turn it into a statement piece. I got some primer & 2 coordinating dark blue shades. This primer is serious stuff. I can’t get it off my hands. Rubber gloves for the next round of primer. I did one drawer last night but hope to get some more done on it tonight.

• Connor went to bed & I finished up the night by cutting 3 of my 20 fat quarters & watching this last week’s episode of America’s Next Top Model.

• In bed too late.

• It was a full, happy weekend of minimal stress. I need to do this more often.

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Lorrie said...

I loved hearing about your weekend. I've found that if you give CB your iPhone that will keep him awake. Not as funny; but less stressful. I look forward to seeing what the quilt pattern is.