Monday, February 28, 2011

McFatty Monday: My 1st Weigh-In

McFatty Monday-1st Weigh-in

I had my first weigh-in on Saturday 2/26/11. I knew I’d lost some weight. I could feel it. My stomach was flatter & my hips felt less “fluffy.” For some reason I still felt nervous stepping on that scale. I shouldn’t have felt nervous because…..I lost 4.2 pounds…in one week!!!

I’m not dumb enough to think I’ll continue to lose 4 every week but I’m off to a good start!

This weekend I bent the rule a little bit. I’m a firm believer that there needs to be a balance of general rules but still allowing yourself to budge from time to time. I’d go crazy if I was constantly saying no to my favorite indulgences. I went out to breakfast on Saturday morning. But this time instead of getting a big waffle w/ strawberries & whipped cream w/ a side of sausage I had a low fat egg dish w/ a side of whole wheat pancakes. I only ate to the point of feeling full. I didn’t feel bad about leaving food on my plate. I had a latte this weekend but got an 8 oz. version instead of a 16 oz. Plus last night I had a small champagne cocktail while watching the Oscars. I feel like a spun a little out of control but I am now back on track. I know that those small indulgences are nothing compared to the way I was eating before I started Nutrisystem.

I rushed out the door this morning. My mom is out of town so we have a friend watching Connor this week. Thanks Steph! I had to make sure the house was in good enough shape to have someone stay all day in it. Cat litter changed, unused bathroom cleaned. I was a mad woman this morning. I flew all over the place. I managed to have a Nutrisystem breakfast but didn’t manage to get my lunch made up. I’m planning to go over to the grocery store salad bar. I’ll get lots of nice veggies, a hardboiled egg & a little cheese. I’ll grab a piece of fruit too. A well balanced lunch. Then I’ll keep on track w/ a Nutrisystem dinner & my Nutrisystem dessert. Speaking of dessert, I LOVE the peppermint cookie patties they offer. When my next shipment goes out I think almost my entire dessert portion of my order will be peppermint cookie patties. They are SO GOOD. And not like “diet good” but like “real world good.”

Here’s the rundown of my weight loss so far.

Starting weight: 163

Current weight: 158.8

Total Lost: 4.2

Left to lose: 23.8

Until next time. Here’s hoping for another good week.


Mom of the Twinkies and Tot! said...

Stopping by from McFatty Monday. Keep up the good work. On another note...I love that you call yourself the "Want to be stay at home mommy" I call myself the "semi stay at home momma" because I'm a teacher and get off weekends, holidays, and summer...haha! And my mom watches my kids as well! I figure that's the next best thing, right?

Natalie@ Tuesday's Grace Photography said...

Hi! I love that my mom watches my little guy. We're having a semi-tough time having her gone. Thank goodness our gal that's watching him is super easy going.

Having the summer off would be lovely :)

Catrina said...

Found your link up on McFatty Monday. Way to go on the 1st week of weight loss!