Sunday, August 5, 2012

39 weeks. I'm still here plugging along.

Group B Strep test came back negative! No antibiotics during labor! At my last appointment (38 weeks 3 days) I was 1.5 centimeters dilated & 50% effaced. Baby's head is also, very, very low. Based on the position of my cervix the doctor expected I would be at least another week from that day. I'm not putting too much stock in what he says, I know things can change quickly. He said the same thing just 2 days before Connor was born.

How far along are you? 39 weeks. 1 week exactly until my due date
Current cravings? Croissant sandwiches
Belly button in or out? It's usually sticking out.

Gender? Boy!
Any milestones? I've been full term for 2 weeks now. This baby can come at any time.
Other symptoms? Constant pelvic pain. I'm getting really slow & tired too. This summer heat isn't exactly helping. I'm happy for warm weather, I just wish WA homes had AC so I could escape easily.
Anything different between this pregnancy & last? Can't think of anything at the moment.
What I miss? Sleeping soundly.
What I’m looking forward to? Baby being here

Working on any projects? One more clear coat & the rocking chair should be done.
If baby came now, we would be prepared enough. There are little projects that would be nice to have completed but they certainly aren't necessary. Right now, I'm trying to rest as much as possible & spend time with my little boy.

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