Monday, June 18, 2012

32 weeks

How far along are you? 32 weeks + 1 day

Current cravings?  Cream puffs. The little frozen ones. It’s a good thing they need to stay frozen & I have to defrost each serving or we would have a serious problem.

Belly button in or out? Definitely flat, sometimes sticking out.

Gender? Boy!

Any milestones?  None that I can think of. Although, saying that I have less than 8 week to go makes it feel really close.

Other symptoms? Pelvic pain. Sleeping is getting difficult. I’m rolling over multiple times a night to get comfy. Movement is different than it was a few weeks ago. It’s still very frequent but he definitely has less room to give forceful kicks. Mostly I’m feeling pushing & stretching. I’m feeling when he has hiccups too.

Anything different between this pregnancy & last?  I’m pretty sure this pelvic pain didn’t start until Connor dropped (around 34 weeks). This little guy might have dropped a little this last week. I definitely feel him lower down in my pelvis.

What I miss? I miss the days when my bladder wasn’t a pillow.   

What I’m looking forward to? My last day of work. Less than 2 weeks! I’m also looking forward to Connor meeting his baby brother for the first time. He loves babies & he seems really excited for him to come.  

Working on any projects? Unpacking still; although things are getting better. I’ve also got a list going of everything I need to do before he gets here. My mom, Connor & I are taking a trip to Montana the Sunday after my last day of work. Once I get back, that to-do list is going to be attacked.

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