Wednesday, April 18, 2012

23 weeks a little late.

How far along are you? 23 weeks + 3 days. A little late but Monday was crazy & I stayed home with a sick boy yesterday.

Current cravings? Croissant sandwiches

Belly button in or out? Shallow w/ the top poking out sometimes.

Gender? Boy! We thought we had a name decided on for a boy long ago. We’ve recently been exploring other options & now I’m completely confused as to what this child will be named.

Any milestones? I got to see my belly moving from the outside this week. I’m looking forward to watching it until August.

Other symptoms? I woke up with a sore hip during the night. I remember this from Connor & was kind of hoping it wouldn’t show up this time. Boo.

Anything different between this pregnancy & last? I’m super boring. I can’t think of anything for this category this week.

What I miss? Sleeping through the night without having to pee 3 times.

What I’m looking forward to? Closing on our house! Visited again & the granite was installed. It looks SO GOOD. I’m so glad we changed colors at the last minute. We also looked at some paint colors for the house & I’m super excited to get in there and start making it our own.

Working on any projects? My pouf is coming along! I’m about halfway through the knitting portion. Then it’ll be time to start on the blanket. I also have a list going of things we’ll need to purchase for the new house.

I am in the middle of negotiating a pickup time for 2 vintage chairs I found on craigslist. One is $25 and the other is $35. Both will need to be reupholstered but getting them so cheap will help. Plus, they’ll be a quality piece of furniture when I’m done with them.

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creative side said...

I've done a fair share of upholstery. If you need any help understanding the construction you are most welcome to consult with me. I know you are great at picking out the fabrics. The only hint I can give is that it is a fair bit of work to upholster, so pick something that you'll want to live with for at least 10 years.