Monday, March 14, 2011

Weigh in #3

Blair is awesome. Thanks to her I now have 2 Aha! moments to share…

#1. I need to recommit myself I can handle a day. I have a hard time w/ long drawn out goals. If I put an end date of a few months out my mind figures I have plenty of time to finish. “Let’s slack while we can.” Classic procrastinator’s mantra. But, if I treat each day with the same intentionality of the 1st day it’ll (hopefully) turn into a habit.

#2. Food journals are a must! I was catching up on “Shedding for the Wedding” this weekend. In it there were 2 girls that didn’t lose any weight at all. It came down to the fact that neither was food journaling. Everyone else was. I know that I lose more when I’m journaling. Somehow I’ve just fallen out of the habit. Well we’re going to marry these 2 aha moments. Every morning I’ll resolve to food journal.

Ok update on weight.
Starting Weight: 163
Current Weight: 156.6
Goal Weight: 135 (I may reevaluate later. I’m unsure what my body will look like at this weight)

Specific goal for this week: I want to weigh in on Saturday at 154.8 or lower. That would put me at 20 pounds lost since I started this weight loss journey last August.


Lorrie said...

How is the day by day going?

creative side said...

Yahoo for you! I've lost #16 and it feels so much better. We'll be losing at the same time. I just figured out that if I let myself have a flavored coffee it is the same as allowing myself to have desert. What an eye opener. I am also doing the same with spending. My bank account looks so much better.