Monday, January 31, 2011

Some random thoughts

Why do they never have changing pads in men's bathrooms? Do men not change diapers? Mine does.

I got my first bloody nose tonight. Didn't happen until a wild, wonderful little boy came into my life. It hurt but I enjoyed getting it. Who can say that except a mother?

I finally found my camera's battery charger. In a random box in the garage. Moving stinks but I'm glad we're here.

Even when I know a package is coming in the mail I still get giddy when it arrives. It's like getting a present!

A photo of mine (picture was of my sister's dog Dolly) was shared (permission was given :) ) by my sister to a small business who sells dog collars. She posted it on facebook & random strangers were complimenting what a nice photo it was. It was nice to get compliments from people I don't know.

Speaking of photography, I'm craving sunshine. It's dark when I leave for work & dark when I return. I want to take photos outside again. Natural light rocks!!!

Asta la pasta!


Lorrie said...

I'm so sorry about the bloody nose! I remember feeling like you might broke mine a time or two (you didn't), but I don't remember a bloody nose. Fat lip, that happened a lot!

creative side said...

It is so nice to hear from you again. I know I wrote that yesterday, but I really do enjoy hearing what is going on in your life. It was nice to have Garrett here for a few minutes today. Hope he likes the Amp and that you all enjoy the printer and scanner. Somewhere packed away are the manuals and the frames to convert slides, negatives and such into photos. The word verification for this is restedi. That sounds like what I've been doing for some time: Yesterday was a restedi.