Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Much Needed Update

Hello to my handful of readers. I haven’t recapped what’s going on with Connor for a few months (bad blogger, bad!). So, here we go….

He’s still small for his age. About 21 pounds & 32 inches (as of last appointment at 15 months). 4th percentile & 80th percentile respectively.

He wears size 3 diapers. I think it’s coming up on a year that he’s been in size 3’s, close anyway. I wouldn’t be surprised if we made it through potty training in size 3’s.

He wears size 12 months pants for the length but would really be better off in a 9 month waist size. I told you he’s small. I might need to start sewing him pants (add that to my large to do list). 9-12 month shirts are a good fit for him. He’s still wearing mostly 12 month pajamas with a few pairs of 18 month sizes. He has grown out of one pair of size 5 shoes ::gasps:: & still fits in another pair of size 5’s. Size 6 just sounds WAY to big. He’s growing, growing, gone (I can see him driving away to college, NOOOO).

He’s still incredibly active. He’s running now (has been for several weeks). He can walk backwards too. He’s getting pretty good at walking up the stairs if he holds onto the wall. Bompa (my dad) is impressed. He can walk downstairs if he’s really careful about holding onto the wall or if he’s holding someone’s hand. However, he usually just prefers to slide down on his tummy, backwards. It’s much faster for him. He climbs on couches & bath tubs & dining room tables. Pretty much anything available for climbing, we’ve found him on. One of his favorite games is leaping off the ottoman into my arms. Thankfully he hasn’t tried it with no one to catch him. He also does karate kicks. Probably the cutest thing ever.

His language skills are coming along slowly but surely. He doesn’t say a huge list of words but I know he understands a HUGE amount of what I’m saying to him. I’ll recap his language development. Around 9 or 10 months he started saying Mama & added in Dada around 11 months & then Bompa (he says Ba Pa) around 14 months. He has since gone on a Mama strike & refuses to say the word, ::tear::. In the last few months he’s added a few more words. He now says Dada, Bompa, Dodo (my mom), door (so cute, sounds British when he says it), Cat (sounds like Ah). Those are the only ones he says consistently at this point. I know he knows how to say Mama, dog, duck, milk & ball. He also quacks & barks.

He finally can put himself to sleep at night. This is a huge weight off our shoulders. We used to have to rock & pat & shhhh him to sleep & it took 30-60 minutes each time! Plus, he would then usually wake up 4 times before he would really settle in for the night Of course that’s expected of a newborn, I’m not complaining about that age. It was when he was 12 or 13 months old & was still having trouble going to sleep. Now, you get him ready for bed, turn out the light, give him a little milk (we’ll break that habit later, I’m just happy he’s falling asleep on his own). When he’s done we put him in his crib, cover him with his blanket & he falls asleep himself. It’s wonderful.

He’s still blonde, blue eyed & as cute as ever. I adore the age he is right now. He’s still rather clingy so I don’t feel like ,”ahhh, this is so much easier,” but he is SO FUNNY. He does crazy things that make me crack up like nothing else can. And when he laughs, my heart melts. He has the most incredible laugh. I’m smiling right now just thinking about it. He gives big boy kisses now which are so sweet. He’s just growing into this little person now & I can’t wait to see what’s next.

Sorry I don't have a photo with this update. Things have been crazy around here. Moving is tough for me. Soon, I promise.


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It is so nice to hear what is happening in your life again. You write in such a special personal way and I really enjoy it. I still have the book for Connor, the amp for Garrett and the printer for Julia. Anybody want to make a trip over here. I also have a nice scanner up for grabs.

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Nice to see you on here again! And wonderful to hear about the goings-on in your family.