Thursday, June 24, 2010

These last few weeks have been crazy

First, I went to Las Vegas with some friends from work ( I got back on a Wednesday, was back for 3 days and then left on Saturday morning for a family reunion in Idaho. On our way back over the pass on I-90 we started hearing a thunking under our feet. It started getting really bad so we decided to pull over. Before we got to the side we heard one more loud Ka-Chunk under our feet & then a pop. Our car filled with smoke & Garrett slammed on the breaks. We got out of the car quickly & realized 3 of the air bags had gone off. We each had a few bruises and a few cuts but were ok other than that. My car however was not ok. With all the damage to the airbags and seatbelts the total bill came to over $10,000.00. Our insurance company deemed it a total loss since our car was worth only $7500. So, now we're on the hunt for a new car. Then a few nights ago there was a murder just 150-ish feet away from our house.

I haven't had any time to work on photos the last few weeks. I miss it. So, for you, I give you my new favorite.

Julia at our family reunion...

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