Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ten Things Wednesday???

1. It doesn't have the same ring as TTT but.....I forgot about it yesterday. Sorry!!!

2. I made tacos last night using ground turkey breast. It's the only way we make them anymore. They're so nummy.

3. I'm taking pictures of a friend's sweet baby boy this weekend. I'm so excited.

4. I keep eating lunch too late in the day.

5. We're going to our friends' house for the evening. They have a baby boy just 3 months older than Connor.

6. Julia is knitting me mittens. She already knitted hers and they look awesome.

7. Work is crazy right now.

8. I need to pump.

9. Our computer system hasn't been working properly for the last 2 days. Makes it difficult to sell.

10. Connor can now crawl far enough that he gets into things. Time to do a major house clean/organize & get everything out of reach. How did this happen so quickly?? Just yesterday he was my tiny baby who couldn't even roll over.


Brian & Maelee said...

It won't be long and he'll be pulling up to reach book shelves and drawers too! I actually didn't enjoy that phase but it is over pretty quickly. Have fun organizing.

Aimee B. said...

We need to tie down (back) the bookshelves and other things that Sam might climb. He wants to climb on everything right now!

creative side said...

Yep, the crawling, walking, climbing stage roars in like a train on high speed. I remember looking for Aimee all over the house only to find her quietly grinning on top of the REFRIGERATOR! Terrors! It is hard to think ahead of what your kid might do.