Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ten Things Tuesday

1. I finally had a physical today. Unfortunately I have to have a sleep study done. The doctor thinks I might have sleep apnea.

2. Connor is doing so good at crawling. He can scoot & pull himself forward several feet now. He hasn't figured out the whole hands and knees thing but he's getting there.

3. The room in our garage is coming along. Electrical is done except for one tiny thing. Now, we need to get it sheet rocked and painted. It'll be so nice to move all the office stuff down there.

4. I love the way Connor smells. I know I won't be saying this when he's 10 so I smell him as often as humanly possible.

5. Connor is trying to type his own TTT right now

6. I'm falling behind on my book list.

7. I've typed most of this with 1 hand because Connor wants to be held.

8. I play too much Chuzzle on my iPhone. I'm addicted.

9. Connor is getting SO much new hair.

10. I love the new song my Laura Bell Bundy "Giddy On Up." Go take a listen, it's very catchy. I'm also loving the new song by Jewell "Stay Here Forever."

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