Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ten Things Tuesday

1. Garrett is sick.

2. Connor Wonnor is sick.

3. Julia is sick.

4. Mom is sick.

5. I wonder who's next....please don't be me.

6. Garrett and I used to sing "Connor Wonnor was a bull frog." to the music of "Jeremiah was a bull frog." We stopped doing it for whatever reason and then I remembered it the other day. It makes me laugh.


Meet my new friend. The Nikon SB-600. It makes photos like the one posted yesterday possible.

8. Connor slept from 11-7 last night without waking. I even went in and woke him up this morning (oh how I hate to wake a sleeping baby) to take him to my mom. I wonder how late he would've slept if I could've left him sleeping.

9. Time to freeze the pumped milk.

10. I never though I would paint my nails almost black. The color is called "dark room" and it's like a greenish black. I like it though. Unexpected.

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