Monday, April 19, 2010

Skagit Valley Tulips

On Sunday.....


And Meggie,

And Julia

And my Mommy

And baby Connor

Went to Skagit County and saw these...

The trip started out after church. Mom, Julia and Megan met me at my house. We loaded up the car & drove the 35 miles to Skagit county. We saw a sign that said to get off at exit 230 so we said, "okay." Everyone else was getting off at some other exit but we decided not to follow the crowds (not that we really knew what we were doing, we were just guessing). The first thing we see after we get off the exit is a Krispy Kreme. We stop (duh), get some doughnuts, and some compliments on how cute Connor is & head off to the Fred Meyer which is supposed to have info on the tulips. By this point it's getting pretty warm so we undress Connor into just his onesie (SO CUTE, who doesn't love little bare baby legs & feet???) We decide he needs a hat so his little head doesn't burn & I need some shorts (hello sweat). I hadn't worn shorts earlier because I desperately needed to shave my legs. At this point I decided I didn't care, I wasn't staying in those jeans for the rest of the day. After finding shorts & a hat we joked that maybe we should just go shopping (lower sales tax lol). We finally got back on track. Well we missed the traffic but drove around forever looking for the tulips. We finally found them though. I got tons of pictures but only had the energy to get these ready for viewing. More to come.


Aimee B. said...

I really love your pictures, Natalie. The tulip picture are especially beautiful. And yes, I love baby onesies in the summer with baby legs and baby feet.
Sunday was so gorgeous here. Then it was cloudy again today. I'm so looking forward to summer and the fun things we will get to enjoy with Sam.

Brian & Maelee said...

I agree, all your pictures are beautiful and Connor is a cutie. Funny though, we had clouds Sunday and Monday and I loved it. Today is sunny and I'm going to have to give in to turning the air conditioner on soon.

I enjoy hearing about what you are up to.