Tuesday, February 16, 2010


1. I am sick :(

2. Connor is bouncing away in his jumperoo. I don't know if any child loves his jumperoo like Connor does.

3. My lightscoop hasn't come yet. I'm getting antsy.

4. Jager is a stinky dog.

5. Connor had a melt down earlier after waking up from his nap. Not sure why. I took him into the shower and he calmed down.

6. We're having slow cooker pulled pork sandwiches. Hopefully they turn out well.

7. It's about time for this baby to have another nap.

8. Whoa, my ears just popped & I can hear properly.

9. Baby is now napping.

10. I'm watching Spin City. Haven't watched it for years. It's pretty funny.

1 comment:

creative side said...

I'm sorry you are sick. No fun at all, especilly when you have a baby. It sounds like you had to stay home. I am so excited that you are getting into photography. You have had artistic talent all of your life and it continues in your photos.