Monday, February 22, 2010

Ok 51 in 1001

My aunt suggested it be 51 (has a better ring to it).

Here we go.... Start date is today 2/22/2010 and End date is 11/19/2012.

1. Learn to use a DSLR camera. (in progress)
2. Learn how to use photoshop. (in progress)
3. Read 101 books (0/101 complete)
4. Visit a state I haven't visited.
5. Be enrolled or attending college by the end of the 1001 days.
5. Get and keep my closet organized.
6. Cook 25 recipes out of Julia Child's cook book.
7. Learn how to keep my house clean.
8. Pay off our consumer debt (we'd love to have student loans paid off too *maybe*)
9. Get 25 blog followers (10/25)
10. Have Connor out of diapers.
11. Reach my goal weight (that's a secret number)
12. Sew a garment.
13. Have every room in the house painted the way I want it (1/9 Complete)
14. Host a Christmas or New Years party.
15. Learn to knit (in progress)
16. Drink nothing but water for 2 weeks straight
17. Get new kitchen counter tops
18. Get new flooring.
19. Tile the bathrooms.
20. Get a new back splash for the kitchen.
21. Put $10/week in a savings account for Connor (I'll reasses the amount later to see if we can increase).
22. Take a photography class.
23. Save all spare change and deposit it into Connor's savings account at the end of 1001 days.
24. Finish 2 quilts.
25. Buy a new washer and dryer.
26. Get a pedicure at least 5 times.
27. Buy new living room furniture.
28. Finish our patio/backyard.
29. Breastfeed Connor until at least a year.
30. Drink more water (should be about 80oz per day)
31. Complete room in garage & organize the rest of the garage.
32. Blog every day for a month (excluding picture posts).
33. Get pictures of the wedding & the baby framed and on the wall.
34. Watch all of the Oscar Best Picture winners & write a small review.
35. Bake 10 different kinds of cup cakes (this won't be good for weight loss)
36. Host a cookie swap.
37. Style my hair every day for 2 weeks.
38. Write a will.
39. Attend a woman's retreat.
40. Renew my passport w/ my married name.
41. Go camping.
42. Go to a ballet.
43. Go to the dentist
44. Go to the eye doctor.
45. Get a massage.
46. Get a manicure (or paint my nails myself) at least once per month.
47. Run a 5K race.
48. Donate blood at least once.
49. Put $5 in savings account for every goal completed. Buy something fun at the end.
50. Buy a pair of red shoes.
51. Build a kitty condo for Missy.


Hillary's blog said...

this is great! :)

creative side said...

I think 51 sounds like plenty to accomplish in that length of time. Great list, though I would have added go on a date at least once a month using a babysitter.