Thursday, February 4, 2010

31, 32, 33, 34

31. All 3 boys

32. Look, I'm learning to knit.

33. Jager always wants to be the center of attention. If anyone knows how to edit (or avoid in the first place) the "green eye" let me know. I imagine it has to do with using a flash. He was cute though.

34. Connor had his first taste of rice cereal. Looks like he didn't hate it.


creative side said...

I cannot believe he is ready for cereal, but time says he is. I'll bet he starts sleeping better. Sam sure did. You have to use the "red eye" setting on your camera to avoid green eyes on animals. Green, red, the camera sees it as a reflection. The color sometimes changes to orange.

Garrett said...

You fail. You did not take #34, I did. Remember, you were feeding him.

Mrs. B said...

That is true but I did set the settings for you.

creative side said...

Connor has his Daddy's eyebrows. Look at the picture of the three guys.