Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ten Things Tuesday

1. This baby needs to vacate the premises.

2. I miss wearing my wedding ring.

3. I'm still working. Yes, I'm crazy.

4. I slept horribly last night :(

5. I woke up on time and did my hair today.

6. I love fresh corn on the cob season.

7. Please be born tomorrow baby boy. The date will be 9/9/9. Wouldn't that be a nice day to be born?

8. We got a TON of rain this weekend. I think our plants are happy. Unfortunately so are the weeds.

9. The sweater I wanted at Janie and Jack went on sale. It was originally $42 ( I was NOT paying that much for a baby sweater). Here's a picture of it. It's MUCH cuter in person.

10. While looking for the pirate ship sweater, I came across this sweater.
And I want it so bad, but it's $43 so hopefully it'll go on clearance before long.

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