Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ten Things Tuesday on Wednesday

Oops, I'm a day late.

1. I want this baby out of me.

2. This pumpkin spice latte is yummy.

3. Someone turned the heat up in the office and it's 75 degrees. WAY too hot.

4. Leaving for maternity leave in a few minutes!!!

5. Too bad I don't get a paycheck while on maternity leave.

6. Had another doctor's appointment. I'm now 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 cm. dilated and 2/3 of the way effaced. Things are still progressing, just slower than I hoped.

7. Dr. estimates the baby to be born at 7.5 to 8 pounds. Of course that's an estimate but he said there's no indication of a 9 or 10 pound baby. Thank goodness.

8. I made yummy muffins the other day.

9. I'm going to work on that quilt. Maybe it'll almost be done by the time baby is born.

10. Off to Ivars for lunch.

1 comment:

creative side said...

Tonight I'm thinking of you and wondering if you have started labor. The hours seem to go slowly at night for some reason when you are in labor. Maybe because it is a little more quiet. Remember, you are queen in the labor room and you don't have to be nice to ANYBODY! Of course Garret probably would like a smile for his help........:D...such as YOU DID THIS TO ME!!!!!!