Monday, July 6, 2009

Holiday Weekend & 29 (and 1/2) weeks

Garrett & I had a good 3 day weekend. He got some crab on Friday & we had a nice dinner at my parents. Saturday we went to our friend's parent's house for their annual 4th of July party. They live on a lake and I even braved wearing a swim suit to cool off in the lake. It was hot.

How far along?: 29 weeks.
* Total weight gain: I have another appointment today-guess we'll see. It was 17lbs 2 weeks ago.
* How big is baby?: Aprox. 3 pounds
* Maternity clothes?: Yes, bought some new ones recently. Hopefully they'll last me until he's born.
* Stretch marks?: Some : ( We'll leave it at that.
* Sleep?: Ehh. Could be better. I wake up a lot.
* Best moment this week?: Going swimming. It feels so good.
* Movement?: He HATED the fireworks. He went crazy in there.
* Food cravings?: Not really.
* Labor signs?: Nope. Not even any braxton hicks contractions (that I can tell anyway).
* Belly button in or out?: Mostly flat w/ the top poking out
* What I miss: Good sleep, diet pepsi & having a whole closet of clothes (still these)
* What I'm looking forward to: Meeting my baby, finishing the nursey & patio, and hiding away at the cabin for 5 days next week.
* Milestone: Not sure.

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creative side said...

Guess what? That whole closet of clothes will wait for at least six weeks and then even longer if you're not entertained by exercise. Don't you just hate it when people think they know what is going to happen! You may surprise us all and fit back in them in a shorter time. By the way, baby boys are way fun.