Monday, June 29, 2009

Crabbing! etc.

Crabbing season opens up this week in the Everett water. Garrett is going to go out Friday morning. I can't wait, I love fresh crab.

Looks like the weather will be holding up for the 4th (which is a rare occurance in the Pacific NW). We like to joke that summer starts July 5th in WA. However, it looks pretty good this year.

The weekend after Independece Day weekend we're headed to Garrett's family's cabin in the San Juans. I'll be there that weekend, then back to work Monday & Tuesday, then I'm headed up there for Wednesday through Sunday. I can't wait to hide away for a few days. We'll go crabbing some more while we're at the cabin. Crabbing opens up there on 7/15.

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